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Aly Ragan

Aly• About me: Stay-at-home mom to triplet boys. Coffee and wine lover. Guilty pleasure is reality TV — Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Orange County.

• My family: Three almost-3-year-old boys and my very hardworking husband of seven years, Barett. And a boy cat, Verdel. I’m the only female in our house!

• My hobbies: Photography, iPhone only ;)I love taking pictures and using all the different editing apps the iPhone offers. I take hundreds of pictures every month of our boys and our adventures.


Brandie Chesney

SONY DSC• About Me: I’m a 27-year-old, stay-at-home mom doing all exhausting and rewarding mommy jobs 24/7 in my home and not at home. I am originally from Louisiana but have lived in the West. I am a huge lover of books from the classics to the tween series and to sci fi novels. My favorite music right now is Macklemore. Chinese food is my favorite. Geaux Tigers!

• My Family: My husband, Tim, is an Air Force vet and a proud computer geek. He works in IT and loves figuring things out electronically. I love the free fix my computer guy at home. We have four kids. Ella and Amelia are twin almost 6 year olds. They are fraternal and should be in a encyclopedia for “fraternal twins”. They look and act nothing alike. Most people question me on if they are truly twins… Yes, I am sure I carried two babies at the same time. Evan Potter is my 2-year-old only son. He likes to carry mommy’s heart with him everywhere he goes. He is super sweet and his favorite thing to do is fight with his sisters. Callie is our last baby, I promise. She is 1 and makes you work for her smiles. She loves to be silly and she has no intention on walking.

• My hobbies: Photography. I have a small business on the weekend and travel for it. I enjoy capturing those candid moments people often take for granted. I love to travel and as a family we love national park hopping. Our country’s natural wonders are our favorites! I love going back to the small town I grew up in and spending time with old friends who supply endless amounts of beer and love for us.


Stephanie Roussell

Stephanie•  About Me: I’m a wife, young professional and soon-to-be mother, and lover of sushi (pregnancy sad face here)! I just completed my Master’s in Strategic Communication at LSU and now work in Baton Rouge in marketing and public relations. Born and raised in Louisiana, but love to travel

• My Family: My husband Jason and I met at LSU 10 years ago and were both members of Tiger Band and love anything and everything music. Our baby girl is due in September, due two days after Jason’s birthday. We also have a wannabe human dog Sadie who enjoys licking couches and chewing socks. We love to go to LSU football games, visit family and our weekly Monday Night Movie Nights.

• My Hobbies:  I love reading, cooking, teaching myself to sew, watching football and drinking Highland Coffees’ frozen vanilla blended coffees.


Tamara Palmer

Tamara• About me: I am a first time mom to my little boy Jonathan Jr. I work full time as an assistant manager at a financial institution.

• My family: My husband is a 3x IronMan. I have completed smaller races like 5Ks and sprint triathlons. We enjoy a healthy active lifestyle. We both have wonderful sets of parents that are involved in our baby’s life a lot.

• My hobbies: Jogging, reading, hanging out with friends and catching up on missed television shows.



Sarah Keller

sarah_keller• About me: I am a formerly twenty-something mother to a 3 ½ year old that keeps me on my toes.  I work full-time, volunteer and occasionally get lucky enough to eat a warm meal. I love date nights and Mexican food almost as much as I love naps.  I would give anything for quiet time and a manicure but when presented with the opportunity, you would likely find me in the back yard because that’s the life of a boy mom.

• My family:  I met my husband, J, my freshman year at LSU and we’ve been together ever since.  Fast forward to the present, and we have a son named Owen, two cats, two dogs and a fantastic vacuum cleaner.

• My hobbies:  In a past life I enjoyed shopping, cooking and spending lots of time and money on entertainment.  Now I spend the majority of my time outdoors, even though I hate nature, and I’m pretty agile with a water gun—so watch out.

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