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The Peanut Ball: Not as Nutsy of a Labor Option As It May Appear

CommentsPosted by: Mommy-Go-Round Guest Blogger on Oct 13, 2015 in Pregnancy

When compared to a vaginal delivery, cesarean deliveries come with a long list of possible side effects, including infection, bleeding, abdominal and urinary trauma, prolonged recovery periods and many long-term effects associated with major abdominal surgery. Sometimes cesarean delivery is necessary, especially in cases such as: maternal and/or fetal distress, fetal malpresentation (baby is in […]

How to Make Home Safe for Your Baby

There are many precautions you can take to make your home as safe as possible for your baby.

Food Safety During Pregnancy

Food safety is important for everyone, but is especially important during pregnancy. During pregnancy, some hormones change your immune system, making you more vulnerable to foodborne illnesses. Unborn babies are also susceptible because their immune systems are not developed. Make sure that you cook foods thoroughly, especially meat, eggs and fish; use a food thermometer, […]

Ways To Deal with Pregnancy Discomforts

Heartburn, constipation, backache, hemorroids…pregnancy can cause all sorts of discomforts. Here’s how to get relief:

A Recipe for Morning Sickness Relief

It’s not easy being queasy. Here’s a recipe for some muffins that will give you some relief from morning sickness.

Ways to Deal with Morning Sickness

Is your pregnancy “glow” more like pregnancy green? Here are a few ways to deal with morning sickness.

How to Choose Your Prenatal Vitamin

A healthy diet may not be enough to get all the nutrients you and your baby need. Your doctor will prescribe a daily prenatal vitamin. There are many brands of prenatal vitamins; be sure to check the label to make sure you’re getting the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals. Let your doctor know if […]

Should You Exercise During Pregnancy?

Almost all women can exercise during pregnancy. It is important to let your doctor know about your current exercise routine. If you have not been exercising, you may want to wait until after your first trimester, when you have adjusted to the early stresses of pregnancy.

How to Eat Well During Pregnancy

Good nutrition is especially important during pregnancy. Here’s what you should know. Eating for Two Although you’re pregnant, you’re not quite eating for two. Most pregnant women need only 300 extra calories each day to support a baby’s growth and development. If you were underweight before pregnancy, you may need more calories. If you were […]

When Should You Take Prenatal Classes?

Woman’s has all of the classes you need to get ready for your little one’s big arrival…from breastfeeding to baby care. But when should you take them? Here’s a helpful schedule by trimester. For more information, visit

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