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Boy or Girl? What’s Your Body Say?

CommentsPosted by: Mommy-Go-Round Guest Blogger on Jul 11, 2014 in Pregnancy

Some say they’re silly, some say they’re scarily accurate…either way, old wives tales are all in good fun! You may have heard them before and some may be new, but these nine old wives tales have helped women guess the gender of their baby long before ultrasounds could.  

Car Seat? Check! Diapers? Check! Health Insurance? Uhhh….

With everything going on toward the end of your pregnancy, it’s easy to miss a step or two when preparing for your little one’s arrival. While insurance headaches are common these days, there’s a way to add a new baby to your health insurance without going through insurance pains. It would seem obvious that your […]

What’s Your Baby’s Celebrity Name?

If you’re pregnant, you’ve heard the usual barrage of questions: When is it due? Boy or girl? and Do you have a name picked out yet? If names like John and Mary just aren’t your style — or your current child needs a cool nickname — you can always take the celebrity route with interesting […]

My Water Broke, Now What?!?

CommentsPosted by: Mommy-Go-Round Guest Blogger on Jul 02, 2014 in Pregnancy

Despite the dramatic scenes in movies of a pregnant woman standing in a public place like the middle of a restaurant and her water breaks with a gush, the actual event of your water breaking will most be a lot less dramatic and not nearly as gushing. Some moms do experience the gush of fluids, […]

Gift Guide for New Moms and Dads

When you’re pregnant, you’ve got a million things to think about before your delivery — have we packed the hospital bag? Is the house ready for a baby boy or girl? Are we really sure about that name?!? So it’s understandable that some small items might slip your mind. If you’re thinking about any last-minute […]

FDA Calls for More Seafood in Pregnant Women’s Diet

New FDA recommendations could mean big news for pregnant seafood lovers, especially in Louisiana. Last week, the Food and Drug Administration encouraged pregnant women to increase the amount of seafood they eat. According to the FDA, this new advice is based on extensive peer-reviewed science that looks at fish as a whole food, considering the […]

The Benefits of Vaginal Delivery

For centuries, women gave birth through vaginal delivery, and even with the advancement in medical technology, it still remains the best option for moms and babies. For babies, a vaginal delivery can squeeze fluid from his or her lungs, preventing many breathing complications, among numerous other benefits. For moms, a vaginal delivery has a decreased […]

Heat Dangers and Pregnancy

There’s no escaping it. Once you exit your house, you’re at its mercy. You run to your car for relieve, but once you open the door, a wave hits you and sends you stumbling back. No, this isn’t the premise for the next summer blockbuster. It’s just a description of the daily war Louisiana residents […]

Preparing Your Child for Another Baby’s Arrival

Welcoming a newborn infant into your life is one of the greatest moments a new mom and dad will have in their lives. The addition of a baby to a family can also be a hard time for an older sibling. While parents experience elation and joy over their baby, it is not unusual for […]

Choosing a Natural Birth

Stacy Levy decided early on that she wanted to have a natural birth. From the moment she discovered she was pregnant, she took the all-natural route and kept her diet and nutrition as natural as possible, so when her due date neared, she knew that she wouldn’t throw those 40 weeks of strict discipline away […]

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