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Combating Winter Woes with Baby

CommentsPosted by: admin on Dec 07, 2016 in Babies, Family Fun, health, Parenting, Pregnancy

Winter can seem so much worse when you’ve got a vulnerable little one to protect. Try these strategies to stave off chilly weather, guard against germs, and keep your baby healthy.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

CommentsPosted by: admin on Dec 07, 2016 in Babies, Parenting, Pregnancy

As the winter temperatures drop, there are often questions about keeping babies warm while they sleep. Here’s a few tips to keeping baby sleeping snuggly and safely. The following post was written by Judith Owens, pediatric sleep expert, for babycenter.  It’s safer not to use any sort of loose or thick bedding in your baby’s […]

Gotta’Get Holiday Gifts for Youngsters

Check out our list of these brain-boosting and skill-building learning toys for the youngsters in your family.

Keep Baby Sleeping Safely

During an emergency or disaster, it’s important to maintain a safe sleep environment for your baby.

Disaster Cleanup While Pregnant

Recovering after a disaster is difficult enough as it is. But if you’re pregnant, be sure to follow these helpful tips.

5 Breastfeeding Myths

Breastfeeding is a wonderful way for a new mom to nourish and bond with her baby, but it comes with its share of myths. We’ll help you separate fact from fiction.

Traveling with Kids

CommentsPosted by: Mandy P. on Aug 01, 2016 in Babies, Family Fun, Parenting

Traveling is a great way for kids to see the world and to connect as a family. I highly recommend doing it with your children , but do it while keeping your sanity.

Receive Greetings from the White House

You’ll probably receive a lot of congratulatory cards from your family and friends when your baby is born. But did you know you can get a welcome to the world card from the president and first lady for your baby?

4 Solutions to Common Car Seat Safety Problems

1. Problem: You already have a car seat, but are unsure of the proper way for it to be installed. Solution: Click here to view our list of local organizations that provide nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians that can teach you how to properly install your child’s safety seat free of charge. 2. Problem: […]

Beat the Heat, Check the Backseat

Looking back can save your child’s life. While the hang tags are not intended to replace parents’ alertness, they serve as an extra reminder for parents to check for their child in the backseat.

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