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4 Solutions to Common Car Seat Safety Problems

CommentsPosted by: admin on Jul 21, 2016 in Babies, Parenting, Pregnancy, Toddlers

1. Problem: You already have a car seat, but are unsure of the proper way for it to be installed. Solution: Click here to view our list of local organizations that provide nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians that can teach you how to properly install your child’s safety seat free of charge. 2. Problem: […]

Beat the Heat, Check the Backseat

CommentsPosted by: admin on Jul 13, 2016 in Babies, Parenting, Toddlers

Looking back can save your child’s life. While the hang tags are not intended to replace parents’ alertness, they serve as an extra reminder for parents to check for their child in the backseat.

Woman’s Hospital Receives More Than $50,000 in CPR Kits for NICU Families

Bringing a baby home from the hospital can be overwhelming, but it can be especially so for parents of critically ill infants.

Ode to a Celebrated Father

CommentsPosted by: Mandy P. on Jun 17, 2016 in Parenting

In lieu of the traditional tie and beer paraphernalia, I want to send out a shout out to the dads as Father’s Day approaches. Fathers often get less applause, but often do just as much work. For the men who, like my husband, give the kids a bath so I can have a 20- minute […]

As a Mom, Whose Influence are You Under?

CommentsPosted by: Mandy P. on May 23, 2016 in Parenting

As I left my kids with a sitter, I felt guilty. Laughing, singing and enjoying my time wondering “will this guilt ever end?”

New Mom Checklist for Maternal Mental Health

It’s not always easy to talk about postpartum depression or other maternal mental health complications like anxiety, panic, OCD and anger. Many new moms feel like others will think they are “crazy” or a “bad mom.” But talking about it is the first step to getting better.

Postpartum Depression: A Dad’s Experience

Postpartum depression affects the whole family. Here are some tips that might
help you and your new mom along the way.

Postpartum Depression vs. Normal “New Mom” Stress

What’s the difference between postpartum depression and normal “new mom” stress? Check out this great post on Postpartum Progress.

A Baby is Coming! Sibling Class at Woman’s Hospital

CommentsPosted by: Mari Walker on Apr 19, 2016 in Parenting, Pregnancy

Our four-year-old daughter is very excited about becoming a big sister, and she’s maintained a very positive attitude about the new baby since we told her around week 12 of the pregnancy. (We didn’t tell anyone else before her, since it impacts her more than pretty much anyone else.) It’s good that we’re expecting another […]

Woman’s Presents Baby Grand

  Whether you’re pregnant or you just gave birth to your baby boy or girl, your child is the center of your world and you want the absolute best for him or her from the very start. But where do you start? On Saturday, April 30, Woman’s Hospital will host its semi-annual Baby Grand event […]

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