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Family’s Prayers Answered with the Gift of Life

CommentsPosted by: Mommy-Go-Round Guest Blogger on Dec 03, 2014 in Babies

With the holiday season officially here and people struggling to find the perfect gift, one Baton Rouge family received the best gift of all from an unlikely source. One in eight women struggle with getting pregnant, and for some of those families, a baby of their own just isn’t in the cards. After trying for […]

Tricks to Keep Your Little Pumpkin Safe This Halloween

 Pumpkins, parties and candy! Halloween is certainly a treat for kids, but with safety issues hiding behind every corner, parents can find the holiday downright scary. You know to keep your children away from Jack-O’-Lanterns and any other lit candles (right? just checking), but you’ve also got to be smart on the street. To keep you from […]

My Guide to Public Breastfeeding Etiquette

CommentsPosted by: Tamara Palmer on Oct 28, 2014 in Babies, Breastfeeding, Parenting

Recently on my Facebook newsfeed, an article popped up that a friend “liked” titled “Why I’m Glad Someone told Me to stop Breastfeeding in Public.” This interested me because there’s a lot of media out there about moms who believe they should be able to breastfeed in public no matter where they are, whether it be […]

Woman’s Presents Baby Grand

  You’re pregnant or you just gave birth to your baby boy or girl. Your child is the center of your world and you want the absolute best for him or her from the very start. But where do you start? On Saturday, Nov. 1, Woman’s Hospital will host its semi-annual Baby Grand event to […]

The Value of Swaddling Your Baby

“Snug as a Bug.” It’s a cute phrase to describe a swaddled baby, but a properly swaddled infant has tremendous benefits  than just being “cute.” Swaddling — the practice of snugly wrapping a baby in a blanket for warmth and security — can keep your baby from being disturbed by her own startle reflex, help […]

Dad’s Role in Pregnancy and Birth

“It was inspiring. It made me realize that there is nothing that I could do that could trump that ever. You can run 10 marathons, but once you see your wife go through birth, that’s it, you know. She’s got you beat.” That’s a quote from one dad who witnessed his wife give natural birth […]

Happy First Birthday, Audrey

CommentsPosted by: Stephanie Roussell on Sep 04, 2014 in Babies, Family Fun, Milestones

Saturday came and went like every other normal day for most. But it was so much bigger than that at our little house on the corner. It was Audrey’s first birthday! My little one is now 1 and as much of a toddler as ever. I worried that the day would bring bittersweet, sappy memories, […]

What’s In a Name? The Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

A flood of new babies with the biblical moniker helped the name Noah sail past Jacob to become the new No. 1 name for boys in 2013. The switch at the top ended Jacob’s 14-year run as the most popular boy’s name in America. According to the Social Security Administration, which released the most popular […]

Protect Your Child: Never Leave Them in a Hot Car

This summer alone, it seems, parents are failing when it comes to children and hot cars. There have been 18 reported deaths of children left in cars; 34 total in the year of 2012. Leaving children in cars is not a new concept. Many parents feel safe about leaving children in cars with older siblings […]

My Moisturizing Detox Bath

CommentsPosted by: Rachel Henry on Jul 29, 2014 in Babies, Breastfeeding, health, Parenting

Rewind to four years ago…pre-kids…one of my favorite ways to relax and rejuvenate was a nice, long, hot, detox bath. Every Sunday evening, like clockwork, I would start my detox process with some light stretching to soothing music while my garden tub filled with steamy goodness. I would take in the amazing scents of lavender […]

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