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Receive Greetings from the White House

You’ll probably receive a lot of congratulatory cards from your family and friends when your baby is born. But did you know you can get a welcome to the world card from the president and first lady for your baby?

4 Solutions to Common Car Seat Safety Problems

CommentsPosted by: admin on Jul 21, 2016 in Babies, Parenting, Pregnancy, Toddlers

1. Problem: You already have a car seat, but are unsure of the proper way for it to be installed. Solution: Click here to view our list of local organizations that provide nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians that can teach you how to properly install your child’s safety seat free of charge. 2. Problem: […]

Beat the Heat, Check the Backseat

CommentsPosted by: admin on Jul 13, 2016 in Babies, Parenting, Toddlers

Looking back can save your child’s life. While the hang tags are not intended to replace parents’ alertness, they serve as an extra reminder for parents to check for their child in the backseat.

To Doula or Not To Doula – That is the Question

CommentsPosted by: Mari Walker on Jul 05, 2016 in Babies, Pregnancy

The answer is easy – YES! I’ve had two pregnancies ending in two beautiful daughters. The birth experiences were vastly different though, for many reasons. With my first pregnancy, I read so many books and prepared myself as best I could to have a natural birth. I ended up choosing a C-section 24 hours after […]

7 Reasons Why the Best Birth Days Are At Woman’s

CommentsPosted by: admin on Jun 28, 2016 in Babies, Pregnancy

Our Name Says It All. After 48 years of specializing in women, we know exactly what women want: a personalized experience and excellent service. So. Many. Options. Out of nearly 70 OB-GYNs, you’ll definitely find one who clicks with your personality and with what you want for your baby’s birth day. Want to soak in […]

Bringing Home Baby #2

CommentsPosted by: Mari Walker on Jun 23, 2016 in Babies

What a difference nearly four and a half years of parenting experience makes. Bringing home our second daughter has been very different from our first.

Woman’s Hospital Receives More Than $50,000 in CPR Kits for NICU Families

Bringing a baby home from the hospital can be overwhelming, but it can be especially so for parents of critically ill infants.

5 Things To Do for Baby This Hurricane Season

CommentsPosted by: Mommy-Go-Round Guest Blogger on Jun 13, 2016 in Babies

Hurricane season is here. Here are five ways to prepare if you have a baby.

A Mama’s Choice: Getting Started Breastfeeding

CommentsPosted by: Mari Walker on Jun 07, 2016 in Babies, Breastfeeding

I hope my first-person experience adds something useful!

Our Jaundice Experience

CommentsPosted by: Mari Walker on Jun 01, 2016 in Babies

Both my daughters had jaundice, a condition in which the baby’s blood contains too much bilirubin and makes her skin and eyes appear yellow.

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