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The Birth Announcement

CommentsPosted by: Jennifer on Sep 07, 2011 in Uncategorized

Introducing your new bundle of joy to the world is a very special part of having a baby. Traditionally people send out printed birth announcements via mail. With the uptick in use of social media over the years, a lot of people are doing more web based social announcements. When each of our sons was born, we did both.

With Brooks, we posted a quick “It’s a Boy” message on Facebook along with a few initial photos to alert our friends and family that our precious baby had finally arrived and that he was a boy, since we chose NOT to find out the sex beforehand. This was especially great since we have a lot of family and friends who live far way and were anxiously awaiting news. We did the same for Ridge. In both cases, we also decided to send out printed announcements. We liked the timelessness of mailing out printed birth announcements, which are a great way to send something a bit more personal than a social media message and perfect for circulating some lasting pictures of your new little bundle.

Since I’m a bit of a technology junkie, I decided to mix in some new technology with the traditional announcement this time around. On Ridge’s announcements I’ve including a QR (quick response) code on the back of the cards that when scanned with a smart phone will load a photo gallery of our sweet baby boy. If time were on my side, I would’ve gone all out and started a blog for Ridge and had the code load that but I know my own time limitations and know I will not follow through and maintain the baby blog beyond one or two entries – hence the photo gallery. I can’t wait for these to start showing up in people’s mailboxes in a few days.

How did you announce the birth of your children? Did you include photos? Did you utilize any new media/social media your announcements? Please share!!!


  1. Nicole says:

    I love it!!! You rock!!! And so does Little Ridge!!

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