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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by: Mommy-Go-Round Guest Blogger on Nov 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Male Infertility — More Common Than You Think

Posted by: Dr. John Storment on Nov 23, 2015 in Infertility

group%20of%20guysIt happens just about every week in my practice. A nice couple walks through the door worried that they haven’t conceived yet. It’s been over a year, they’ve tracked her cycle, had intercourse on the right days, tried a number of old-fashioned remedies, but still no positive pregnancy test. What could possibly be wrong with her body that she can’t make a baby? We start the consultation and go over some possible causes and invariably when I get to the subject of male factor infertility, I see him shift in his seat and look quite uncomfortable. Surely this isn’t my fault is what he’s thinking.

What’s Going On This Weekend in Baton Rouge

Posted by: Mommy-Go-Round Guest Blogger on Nov 20, 2015 in health



WHITE NIGHT LIGHTS This annual fall art fest, hosted by Baton Rouge’s Mid City Merchants, brings thousands to the heart of the capital city for an evening of artist meet-and-greets, treats, tax-free art shopping, and music.

Give Thanks and Be Healthy

Posted by: Mommy-Go-Round Guest Blogger on Nov 19, 2015 in health, Parenting

The following post is written by Amber McGuerty and Paula Meeks at Woman’s Food and Nutrition Services

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, remember to be thankful for your health and continue to practice good nutrition habits. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner or bringing a dish to share, you can modify your recipes to have less fat, sugar and calories without sacrificing taste and quality.

5 Diet and Lifestyle Tips to Reduce Diabetes Risk

Posted by: Mommy-Go-Round Guest Blogger on Nov 17, 2015 in health, Parenting

November is National Diabetes Month, observed to draw attention to diabetes and its effects on millions of Americans.

The following post was written by Elisa Zied for

In recent years, there’s been an upward trend in the incidence of type 2 diabetes among children and adolescents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), type 2 diabetes begins when the body becomes insulin resistant and can no longer use insulin properly. As insulin needs rise, the pancreas gradually loses its ability to produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar.

Although type 2 diabetes is caused by a variety of factors, having a family history of type 2 diabetes, being obese, and being inactive put children and adolescents at increased risk for what used to be thought of as an adult disease. Although diabetes can strike anyone, those who belong to non-white groups—especially American Indians—are at greatest risk.

Happy Veteran’s Day from The Mommy-Go-Round

Posted by: Mommy-Go-Round Guest Blogger on Nov 11, 2015 in Uncategorized


Thank you, veterans, for your service!

Baby Steps 5K Gives Couple Another Chance at Fertility

Posted by: Mommy-Go-Round Guest Blogger on Nov 10, 2015 in Infertility, Pregnancy

image1After two years of trying to get pregnant with no results, Ashton and Jason Fox were beginning to think that a baby just wasn’t in the cards for them.

The couple had gone through traditional methods, sought the advice of Ashton’s OB/GYN for possible tips and then approached Woman’s reproductive specialist Dr. Bobby Webster for help.

With Dr. Webster, the Foxes tried intrauterine insemination – where sperm is injected directly into the uterus – and weeks later Ashton discovered she was finally pregnant. However, that pregnancy didn’t last as she miscarried.

What Can I Do About Childhood Obesity?

Posted by: Mommy-Go-Round Guest Blogger on Nov 05, 2015 in health, Parenting

The following post was written by Jennifer M. Zweigle, RDN, LDN with Woman’s Hospital.

Childhood obesity is a complex problem without a single cause. In spite of increasing awareness, the prevalence of overweight and obese children continues to increase.

Many parents think their children will outgrow their weight problem, but this is a big misconception. Excess weight in childhood has many immediate and long-term effects, such as increased risk of type 2 diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea and bone fractures. Low self-esteem and poor peer relationships are additional problems children may face. Overweight kids often become overweight adults with even greater risk for health and social problems.

4 Tips For Reducing Your Halloween Candy Haul

Posted by: Mommy-Go-Round Guest Blogger on Nov 03, 2015 in health, Parenting


By now the ghosts and ghouls have vanished for another year, but you’re still stuck with mounds of chocolate and sugar from your trick or treating.

According to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, a Halloween bag with 60 pieces of “fun-size” treats contain an estimated 4,800 calories — including 1.5 cups of fat and 3 cups of sugar. And just one or two snack-size candies provide 100 calories.

While Halloween is a time to let children splurge and enjoy their sweet haul, there are ways to keep your kids – and you – from going overboard on sugar.

What’s Going On in Baton Rouge this Weekend

Posted by: Mommy-Go-Round Guest Blogger on Oct 30, 2015 in Family Fun


If you’re looking for something fun to do with the family this weekend, the Mommy-Go-Round has got you covered with many events around town.

Check out our list of events happening in and around Baton Rouge this weekend, and have fun!

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